I was trying to think about what to write today, and I kept coming back to my day and how long it takes me to get anything done. So I thought I would document my morning to prove to my husband that I am really not dottering around the house, I am basically running to keep up!

5:45 – Wake up

6:06 – Leave for a run

6:38 – Get home and hop in shower praying Finn doesn’t wake up yet

7:15 – Finn wakes and thankfully I just pulled on my pants – how’s that for a speedy shower, make up and dress for the day time slot

7:30 – Dressed Finn, now put on calliou, oh wait, nope Susan movie now (Monsters Vs Aliens), fiddle with remote

7:50 – call Finn to the table for some eggs

7:55 – Put him in a time out for freaking out over not being able to bring his blankie to the table

8:00 – Sit patiently, or impatiently for him to stop wiggling and eat something

8:15 – Give Finn’s breakfast to Clifford, then give Clifford his actual breakfast

8:30 – We are out the door for day care, dog in tow for walk in dog park. Think plethora of mittens, diapers and snowpants to bring, oh and don’t forget a baby picture of Finn for an activity at day care! I even poured a coffee for myself to bring! Yahoo!

8:45 – get to park, start a nice walk, it is FREAKIN’ cold out

8:55 – Clifford starts lifting paws – clearly too cold for him, return to car

9:00 – Pull in driveway and fiddle with keys to open house, spill coffee all over coat

9:01 – Coffee falls over in kitchen and spills all over floor

9:05 – Try to wipe coffee off outside door, but it is too cold so I now have a brown barfy substance on my back door – frozen…

9:06 – put coat in washer

9:10 – Actually sit at my desk to work

9:15 – Hungry again, time for a snack…

So I can understand that with a busy life, you really have to start waking at 4 am to make it anywhere…tomorrow I’m getting up at 5…then I might be able to have 4 seconds of quiet coffee time before the beast awakes!