I always get inspired by Pinterest like the zillion Pinners out there, but sometimes I just Pin it and forget it. So today I took a trip down memory lane on some of my most recent Pins and some brand spanking new and cool spaces out there. I’m not sure Troy is fully aware of what’s going on in my brain right now with regards to new projects, but it wouldn’t be the first time he walked in the door and I am like ‘Hi Honey! Like our new pitch black wall I painted in our all white walls house – cool huh!’

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bathroom vanity

I adore this vanity for the bathroom – I have the perfect space for this as well – on my to-do list!

Green tableau

Green table? Yes please! Black cupboards and white walls make this room contrasted to perfection.

Back of House

As some of you know we plan on extending the back of our house – this is soooo what inspires me to get it going!

Outdoors In

Another extension idea – love the large windows inviting the backyard in.

Second Floor Library Love

Found this today – I adore the two level library idea and which I could achieve this somehow, hmmmmm.


I’m obsessed with bookshelf design these days, as I’m in desperate need for a built in upstairs to house my babies. I love that this was painted out and soars to the ceiling.