The other week I read a tweet about the term ‘Girl Boss’ and how we should rethink the usage of it, what it really implies. I mean it’s not like my husband refers to himself as a ‘Man Boss’. Imagine? You think guys would wear a shirt that said #dadboss! 

Not a chance.

I hadn’t thought about it before but then it stuck in my brain on repeat. Why as women do we need to give ourselves labels to feel powerful or validated. I am a boss, I am a girl, but why shouldn’t I just say yup I’m a boss. I’m awesome. Who gives a fuck if I’m a girl? I am also not a ‘girl’ anymore. I am a woman. There is much wrong with this term.

Which spiralled into my strong dislike for the term ‘Mom-preneur’. Sure I’m a mom, and a business owner but why do I have to label myself as one? Who gives a fuck that I’m a mom if I can sustain self-employment for 10 years? The two aren’t related at all. Men would never do this. Again, Dad-preneur? Nope. No one says that. Ever.

I totally support other mothers in their quest for greatness, I completely do, but firstly I support the woman. The fact that they have a baby isn’t relevant to me. I feel like some women use it as some sort of exclusive club. Like in order to be a strong independent business woman, ready to multitask and sustain a great living as an entrepreneur, well, of corse ‘moms’ must do it best because they are running on zero sleep, making kids lunches, picking gum out of jimmy’s hair while having conference calls and developing marketing strategies as a kid sucks on your boob. 

I get it. It’s hard. I went back to work with both kids after like 2-3 weeks off work. But I never wanted the fact that I’m a mom define my professional life or who I was as a person. In fact I hated that suddenly I wasn’t myself anymore, I was a ‘mom’. I love being a mother, don’t get me wrong, but being one has zero to do with my ability to build website for a Growth Marketing firm, or develop an instagram storyline for a Cystic Fibrosis charity, or write 4 books as a hobby.

I know a TON of women without kids who work way harder then myself and I know a crap load of moms who work harder then everyone combined. It should not matter. They are all equally as awesome. And some are jerks, but that’s a whole other story.

No one avenue is the better choice. You have to be you. You have to do you. You have to be true to you.

I have a lot more to say about this but I need to get back to work as do all the females who are still reading this because I certainly can tell you that not one man read past the Dad-Boss comment :) Happy Thursday ladies!