A good friend of mine recently went to see

a counselor just to work through some life issues – nothing big or kooky, something I think we could ALL benefit from truly, but anyways she went and we had a good conversation on a wee exercise that the chick asked her to do. At first she was REALLY skeptical but the counselor asked her to keep a journal. No not a Dear Diary, blah blah blah thing, more of a therapeutic rant. So what is this you ask? Well when you are frustrated you should grab a paper and pen and just go to town. Rant until you are scratching the imaginary eyes out of the paper and then throw it out. My friend was was like Oooookkkayyyy, but not really thinking it would be helpful at all. Au contraire. So in the middle of the night when she had busy brain, she got up and scribbled a rant to make you blush, then threw it out and continued on to a blissful sleep. It worked like a charm! She tells me this is helping her hugely – what a great way to get things off your chest without ruining your marriage or your relationship with your in-laws. Just make sure you actually throw out the paper though – could become a very dicey thing to try and talk your way out of :)