Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday what with food and wine, and more wine (and more and more wine :) But there’s nothing more annoying than the ‘Thank’ list of crappy boring stuff that people blather on and on about. Yes we know you’re blessed and you have the most perfect kid, and wonderful family and your husband is amazing and he poops gold bricks. If you tell me your life is all roses and buttercups, I call bullshit. I want reality people. Life isn’t perfect and life sometimes sucks, so be honest about it and stop putting that crap on Facebook.

I think we should be thankful for the little things, the petty things, the superficial beauty of life! So today┬áI’ve decided to unload my realistic ‘Thanks’ list on you poor people – enjoy!


  • YA books about first loves, evil demons and apocalyptic consequence (never gets old for me, clearly)
  • any baked good with pumpkin in it (loaf/cake/cookie/donut – doesn’t matter)
  • fitting into my pants (even after all the cake)
  • still liking my kids
  • Clifford hanging on for another year (cause I like him best of all)
  • my husband, for miraculously eradicating our house of the squirrel family
  • miniature chocolate bars
  • coffee + baileys
  • my fantabulous babysitter Rhi – the kids prefer her over us and we prefer her to take our kids :)
  • the hack on my apple TV so I can stream anything I want (another hero move from my better half)
  • friends+family that can make me laugh and do shots with
  • a husband that can make me laugh and do shots with
  • that right now at this moment, there is nothing we have to fix in the house or car…wait a sec…I’m sure something will go…
  • that fluttery feeling I always get when I walk into Chapters
  • twitter (yes this is on my list – I can put whatever I want on it)
  • fall leaves – wait this is on my hate hate hate list (see snap below)
  • the hogan thanksgiving tradition of dressing for ‘party’ on the top and ‘eating copious turkey’ on the bottom (although troy dressed more like a magna employee on top which is awesome)
  • for a husband who still indulges me by dressing up like an idiot for every single occasion (curling tournies, potato fest, thanksgiving…)
  • photobombing
  • wine you love that only costs 9.95
  • the rare mornings I wake up before the kids
  • impromptu kitchen dance parties

thank you! //