So my friend melanie sent me some pics this week of last years Potato Fest (aka Camp Hogan) which spawned my wave of nostalgia today. The pic was of Finn and Francis and after this second look, I couldn’t believe the changes one year can bring. Finn looks wee and innocent as he’s perched on top of our fence which sounds more neglectful-mom then it is. The fence is our meeting place with the neighbours and well the whole neighbourhood really, so there is always someone there to spot the kids more or less. And well Francis hasn’t changed a bit aside from the fact that I ‘think’ he was wearing shoes instead of slippers last weekend…all grown up too! (sniff).

So then I ran across this pic of Wren (yes again with the fence), and I was shocked. You forget how life can change so quickly. Last year she wasn’t eating solids, now she eats rocks…ok still no judgement please. Anyways, I thought I would share the pics from then and now so we can all take a moment and think about where we might be 365 days from today.

Skippy & The Beast