My wonderful client Mary, formerly of Lavish Wedding Planning & Design, whom I have known, and worked with, FOREVER (and I love her!) has recently joined the ranks of the ONEWEST Events/Weddings division. Boo Ya Mary! I mean firstly you should see this chicks wedding designs. I always sit at my desk, pouring through her images when I’ve done updates to her old website, dreaming of a way to just get married again :) Incredible, amazing and beautiful don’t even scratch the surface. Ok enough gushing, let’s get all excited about her new adventure with ONEWEST and the new brand I’ve designed for them. Toot goes my own horn!

We started with the logos for each of their divisions, and chose a color palette that reflects their cool design vibe. Since then, we’re done a number of other projects which include a marketing piece for the Calgary Stampede. I’ll post that once it’s done, but what makes me truly happy in my job is the fact that while writing up the text on the graphic I used a swear word and they still loved it. My kind of folks :)

onewest event design