Happy Birthday my Beast! Two years ago, I popped Wren out onto that table and thought to myself – thank GOD I never have to do this again. I knew after baby #2 we were done, finito, nipping child birth in the bud, so yea for us! Today I am left with the recollection of the moment that seems eons ago (especially to my face…and boobs). I won’t bore you with gory details but let me list a few things that I will never forget (PS, if you have never given birth or are pregnant, don’t read #5, and happy birthing!):

  1. Waking my poor friend Kris up at midnight to
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    ask – hey can I bring Finn over right now, I think I’m in labor (terrible planning on our part).

  2. Troy, deathly hungover from a night out with Randy, and dying to just go to sleep after a looooong headachy day, only to be poked at midnight with a ‘hey, um, I think I’m in labor – yay!’
  3. Troy coddled by our nurse as he curls into a fetal position on a chair, and her telling me to let him sleep, and me thinking, I’m in FUCKING labor, he can sleep some other year! (I let him sleep).
  4. The anesthetist coming in at 3AM with mussed hair, a great sense of humour and strange jokes about me being attacked by a bear upon seeing a mole removal scar on my back – wtf?
  5. The PURE JOY of getting drugged this time (Finn came too fast and I had to have him au natural), and actually remembering Wren enter the world, instead of screaming and gagging and wishing I was getting my fingernails ripped off over childbirth.
  6. Laying on the table wide open for the world to see, for like the looooongest time cause they had to like clean the kid or something and I am like – helllllooooo, anyone going to pop a sheet over me at least? Sorry that was graphic, but there it is.
  7. Seeing Finn meet his sister for the first time as my parents brought him to visit, promising him a picnic in the hospital, and him being too excited for Nana’s cookies to care that we had a new addition.
  8. Watching HGTV ALL NIGHT LONG for 6 months while Wren got up to eat.
  9. Having a shower only a couple hours after having Wren and me being vain enough to wash and blow dry my hair.

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