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the story co. // regina, sk

My journey with Janet began (gasp) 14 years ago as a collaboration with her and her amazing biz partner Amanda for Imagine Marketing. Janet is the perfect pairing for me, a brilliant creative, a stunning character as well as a great friend. As Forest Gump once coined, we go together like peas and carrots. We’ve worked closely on many projects from big wig corporations, children’s book series’, various small business ventures to a trio of forward thinking financial gurus. When she sparked out on her own to form The Story Co., I was more then excited to continue our collaborations as well as design a kick ass brand for her new venture. We went bold with black and white plus a pop of sunshine. Her website perfectly showcases her amazing talents as a brand strategist and storyteller, plus you might even find a wee picture of yours truly in the mix :) If I’m struggling with a design aspect, her incite brings it home. If she’s struggling with heavy content, I create a light and fun design. The perfect pair!

brand development+collaboration+print // website: