Orangefish…a great xmas mecca!

A good friend of mine owns this great online shopping website and I have always been in love with her products –…unique, one of a kind items that will make your holiday shopping so easy…ahem to my husband…love the magnetic ring…t’would be a perfect gift for me :)

Anyhoo, I wanted to drawn attention to this cool website as well as toot my own horn as we just finished a brochure for the holidays which I really loved working on. Check out the site and avoid the horrific and dreaded holiday mall!

AHHH, the one of a kind show…

Such a silly post but as the One of a Kind Show in Toronto is fast approaching, I am salivating at all the cool things I am going to buy and then convince my husband it was SO worth the price. They sent out an email pdf this morning with some cool items and I found this one that I am so going home with…adorable! It is from a Montreal company I believe called the FeltFactory…awesome. If you can swing it, check out the show…but bring your visa :)

Sorry about the rant…

I didn’t realize the last post was going to look so long and hard to read until I posted it..sorry for that and prob went against my entire statement about attention spans! So here to make it up to you is a funny image that made me laugh…that’s it, no lesson, pure nothingness :)

Getting what you pay for

Ok so as a designer I do get a lot of brou-ha ha over what we should charge – what is fair, what is overpriced and all that jazz. I am a real believer in you get what you pay for so here is my two cents.

Upon thinking of this statement I am trying to recall different industries and whether that holds true for everything. One thing I have become painfully knowledgeable about it baby/kiddie things…I bought a t-shirt for my son a year ago when he was 1 year old from a cool designer called zlilotto at the Toronto One of a Kind show. It was cute and upon chatting with the dude, he said that my son will grow into it, but still be able to wear it now..he said it wouldn’t change shape and that it was great fabric etc…The price tag was 27 bucks…so¬† not huge but not joe fresh cheap. I have to say that Finn still wears that shirt, it looks just as new as when I bought it – which is hard for black fabric – plus he still have room to grow into it too. Definitely worth the money.

Furniture is one with mixed reviews…I have had my cheap ikea 799 couch for about 10 years now, still buying slip covers to refresh – but truly still a decent couch and I think it is now like 500 bucks for the same one. I covet different websites for cool furniture, but just can’t afford a 5000 montauk sofa…sigh…I did buy an expensive pull out couch/chair which was on sale for 1600 a few years ago…but truly it is really not that comfortable and I impulse bought it without realizing I am a white couch type girl and shouldn’t buy things in color as I change my mind too much..but I digress…

I did go into Crate and Barrel the other day looking at a new desk for 1200 which is still a lot but loved the look. However, upon testing the drawers – they didn’t pull out properly and I thought – for that amount, the drawer better well freakin’ work!

So when someone comes to me and asks for a logo for 100, I am torn. When you are looking at branding your company think about how many times you will see this logo, how it impacts the business, how you will use it and then think about what that is worth to you.

I am one of those people that will buy a soap because the label is cool. I will only shop at online websites that look professional and work awesome. I will scour shows for wicked business cards and keep them all just to be inspired by a cool design. If I am your target market, then 100 is bull shit. You don’t need to break the bank for a cool logo, but you have to pay for what it is worth. I know we all want deals these days, but I have seen it too many times of people coming to me, asking for a website, leaving me and going to a ‘template’ website, paying for it, agonizing over making it look nice and really coming up glaringly short, then coming back to me, paying me over top the template they bought and realizing that it was worth it in the end.

In this day and age of mostly virtual browsing, what is going to set you apart is a great design and if you are paying 100 for a logo, chances are people are going to see that reflected and move onto the next site. I am not saying this will always happen, but experience speaks for itself. Users typically will spend 5 seconds on a website and decide then and there whether it is worth their time. Our attention spans are next to nil these days and you have to have a strong impact to WOW your customers. Case and point: if I will pay 5.00 for a bottle of water because Christian Lacroix designed the label, I will certainly judge a ‘book by its’ cover’…and I am not the only one!

ahhhh, the onion…

Sometimes I just forget about things I love and when I find them again, it makes me remember how great it was. I am sure most of you know about this website, but it is just so great, you gotta see it daily. It makes me smile each time, and reminds me of how I love to write and secretly wished I was one of their writers…oh to write witty blurbs about complete nonsense – now THAT is awesome!