Yay a girl’s room!

So most of you know that I am expecting a new babe and we found out it is going to be a little chick – yay! So now of corse I am drooling over some awesome baby rooms which I will attempt to re-create but prob make a mess but whatev…you gotta keep trying new things! I LOVE chevrons right now and the yellow and grey colors so immediately I said to Troy – we gotta do chevrons in the baby room! Then I realized how difficult it would be an decided on stripes instead :) The room is already grey so white stripes it is! Pretty awesome though eh?

Designers deserve kudos!

So my hub and I have started to undertake some home renos and by renos I don’t mean we are breaking down walls. It sounds so simple…move a desk into the living room so my office can be our new master bedroom. Sounds simple enough right? I have to admit that as design savvy as I thought I was, and even though I watch design shows daily, it is WAY harder then it looks. I am quite eclectic in my choices of furniture so I can’t just walk into Sears and order up a new room. I have been scouring websites, debating color choices, as well as figuring out the best layout for the room. I am exhausted.

The issue is that we need more closets in there, so do we reno the current closet but quite possible it wouldn’t suit the needs, or do we buy a wardrobe? We went with the wardrobe but now we have to figure out bed placement and with 2 windows and a closet around the tiny room, it is becoming a pain in the arse. We measured 20 times last night and debated placement and I think we finally got it, but my lord I just wanted to give a shout out to all you interior designers out there that you are invaluable at what you do and perhaps it could have saved me a ton of stress to get to where I wanted, but I cheaped out and assumed I was well equipped for the task. We have placed May as disaster month in our house in which we are going to live in chaos while we move things around, re-configure the room, but if it works out I’ll post a shot then. If not, then I will be hiring a designer to fix my mess :)

Sometimes a few words tell a huge story

My husband Always wonders why I have to stop TV shows and movies in order for him to tell me what is going on, and today I found the perfect answer to his question. I am a very visual person and when watching anything, I really focus on the pictures and not the content. Bad bad habit, but I digress. I’m the person who watches a hockey game and knows every ad around the wall by heart and has no idea what the score is. Another reason my husband hates watching TV with me. This is also why I have recently discovered that I actually get the scoop and absorb the gist when listening to the radio, so CBC has become my new news source and I’ve never felt more ‘in the know’!

This really answers some questions to on why I am such an avid reader, the pictures are formed by me, and not distracting me…I hate to coin Oprah, but perhaps this was an aha moment for me today :)

Amazing what you can accomplish by 7:30 AM

I was trying to think about what to write today, and I kept coming back to my day and how long it takes me to get anything done. So I thought I would document my morning to prove to my husband that I am really not dottering around the house, I am basically running to keep up!

5:45 – Wake up

6:06 – Leave for a run

6:38 – Get home and hop in shower praying Finn doesn’t wake up yet

7:15 – Finn wakes and thankfully I just pulled on my pants – how’s that for a speedy shower, make up and dress for the day time slot

7:30 – Dressed Finn, now put on calliou, oh wait, nope Susan movie now (Monsters Vs Aliens), fiddle with remote

7:50 – call Finn to the table for some eggs

7:55 – Put him in a time out for freaking out over not being able to bring his blankie to the table

8:00 – Sit patiently, or impatiently for him to stop wiggling and eat something

8:15 – Give Finn’s breakfast to Clifford, then give Clifford his actual breakfast

8:30 – We are out the door for day care, dog in tow for walk in dog park. Think plethora of mittens, diapers and snowpants to bring, oh and don’t forget a baby picture of Finn for an activity at day care! I even poured a coffee for myself to bring! Yahoo!

8:45 – get to park, start a nice walk, it is FREAKIN’ cold out

8:55 – Clifford starts lifting paws – clearly too cold for him, return to car

9:00 – Pull in driveway and fiddle with keys to open house, spill coffee all over coat

9:01 – Coffee falls over in kitchen and spills all over floor

9:05 – Try to wipe coffee off outside door, but it is too cold so I now have a brown barfy substance on my back door – frozen…

9:06 – put coat in washer

9:10 – Actually sit at my desk to work

9:15 – Hungry again, time for a snack…

So I can understand that with a busy life, you really have to start waking at 4 am to make it anywhere…tomorrow I’m getting up at 5…then I might be able to have 4 seconds of quiet coffee time before the beast awakes!



City of Bones movie – yahoo!

As most of you know I am a HUGE nerd when it comes to super natural books/movies. Well my excitement can’t be contained right now when I read that my new favorite series is becoming a movie! Cassandra Clare has created a fantastical world in her Mortal Instruments books, one that I can’t believe she was able to create. Hugely complex and creative, I was hooked on this series and spent my holidays reading them back to back. The new one and I believe final book is due out in April, 61 days and counting! However, I just read that they are making a movie out it too which I am so excited for. It will likely be years before it comes out – but I’ll be there with bells on!