Kelly a country girl? Yes. Yes I am. Yee haw.

So not in the traditional sense but I did something very country these past two weekends that make me realize how far I’ve come from the Bloor downtown living of Toronto. Last weekend we went apple picking which was great for Finn, not so great for pushing Wren in a stroller but she was a trooper and enjoyed her pumpkin tart so all was good. This weekend Troy and I decided it was time to bite the bullet, and move into the local milk racket. We live on the same street as the local Feed Mill (and yes we are in town) which sells Sheldon Creek milk and all kinds of dairy items. We started with milk which got cool points from me right off the bat due to the glass milk jug. You need to pay a deposit for it, but it all will even out assuming you keep buying from them… which we definitely will.

You have to shake it up really well as the cream settles to the top but it was awesome and I dunno, it made me feel good to support local especially when it is so close. Plus it’s better for the environment to avoid  a zillion milk cartons and bags a year which let’s face it, kids love their milk. Plus I was pleasantly surprised by their website which is really cute and drove home the faces that make this product. Next time we’ll try the chocolate milk as the young whipper snapper working the store said it tastes like pudding – hello, yes please! Oh and maybe it isn’t just the milk but the fact I called a 16 yr old a whipper snapper that tells me I have gone country but I digress. Now I just need the cowboy boots to match…


welcome to my new home

So upon coming back to work I’ve decided to re-vamp myself, new logo refresh, learning wordpress – hence the new site, integrating my blog life into my work life cause aren’t they all connected? It’s been a whirlwind two weeks and full of excitement on my end as I have two days a week to work now – yahoo! Wren is in daycare two days and Finn started

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JK full time which he is super jazzed about. I have to say that I am as well seeing as he’s adapted the teenager way of life already in that I have to wake him up in the mornings now – wha? Too bad Wren is stuck on 6am.

A HUGE thank you to avery swartz for assisting me on my wordpress adventures as I look very much forward to taking her camptech class in October. So much to discuss but I will sign off so I can get back to working out the site kinks and hopefully go live soon!

A pic below from FANEXPO 2012. Finn was pointing to hannibal lector as we perused the Frankenweenie exhibit. A large thank you to Troy for indulging my inner geek that day and pushing a stroller through 30,000 superfans.

Me and Finn at Fan expo

How I know my kid is a shit pump…and so is Nyla

So upon having a coffee with my friend Kris last night I learned something awesome but also a wee bit concerning regarding the future of my kid and whether cops will be involved someday. To back track, Kris and I met during pre-natal classes, so Finn and her daughter Nyla have been friends since fetus. Last week they started JK and love seeing each other every day at lunch as they aren’t in the same class. Kris (and I swear she’s not stalker mom) was trying to get her other kiddie to sleep in the car so she drove around and decided to check out the school yard as it was lunch and she thought it would be funny to see what are kids are up to. Apparently they are up to no good.

Each class is split into SK and JK, so the SK kids go out first, line up and they are taken to the ‘big kid’ school yard. Kris sees the kids line up outside and all the JKs are in the class still looking out the window, waiting their turn. Not our kids. Covertly Nyla’s class door opens as she pops out and quickly jumps in line with the other kids. In two seconds, Finn’s door opens as he sneaks out and joins her in the line.

Fast forward 13 years and the story is different. The teachers/bouncers catch on and the are refused entry into the big yard/bar and then Finn and Nyla go and rob a McDonalds.

I thank Kris for being there in that exact awesome moment catching our delinquent kids in action, and I will file this story away in the archives only to relive it in a decade or so. God help us all.


Tweet the blog . Gay or Yay?

Ok so I am playing with my blog and wondering how it looks tweeted. Gay or Yay? I don’t want to bombard people with my rants but I’ve been told folks might want to read them so here I am, in the web business for how many years and trying to figure

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out wordpress sharing buttons. I feel old and outdated. Boo.

Heels in first grade?

Ok so I have no idea how old this kid was, but as I dropped Finn at day care this morning, I am like – wha??? A mom was walking her little kid who looked, I dunno, 6 ish? to school and she was wearing heels. I’m not joking. So to be fair, she had on a long dress and was totally cute, but she was walking all wonky, trying to work the heels and I am thinking: chicks got higher heels on then me? So I’m not judging, well a little, as I know from experience from a kid who LOVES orange and

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wears orange everyday, that it might be a trade off to get your kids out the door as they scream in tantrum – I WANT TO WEAR MY HEELS! But I think perhaps it was a bit of the muchness.