hiya I’m kelly

Creative director for freshly hatched, bespoke branding + design studio.
I hail from the great wilds of canada (eh), I’m a voracious reader, a hopeless day dreamer but most importantly, I never take myself too seriously.
I create brands, build websites, tell stories & pretty much everything in between.

problem a

You have this great business idea, but no idea where to start. You need a brand, a logo, a marketing genius, a WOW. You might even visualize your logo flashing in your brain but sadly your design experience ended with Corel Draw and hurtling your mouse across the room.


problem b

You already have a kick ass business, but your brand is a bit blah. Maybe you crave a fresh new visual identity, a responsive website and perhaps some instagram flair to build your social presence. I’m your gal.

= let’s create something rad

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